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Project Description

Leadership Skills for Supervisors – Blended Learning. Leadership Skills for recently appointed Supervisors.

Project Brief

An oilfield service company with operations in Aberdeen and several international locations. Had recently appointed a number of new Supervisors for onshore and offshore facilities. Most of these new Supervisors has received little or no formal supervisory or management training, all had been ‘learned on the job’. There were gaps in consistency and performance.

The Challenge

The Supervisors were busy people, several working rota systems, so getting them together for detailed classroom sessions would be difficult. Most were aged 24-35, and used to using technology to access learning and resources. The training had to be highly practical, not theoretical, or they would lose interest quickly.

The Solution

Another blended learning solution. Delegates took an online ‘Leadership Skills for Supervisors’ course from Ken Sturgeon Training Limited, this included pre and post assessment exercises, followed by a full-day classroom session of exercises and role plays.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Great feedback from delegates and the client. Particularly liked the practical nature of the online and classroom sessions. Client was delighted at being able to deploy this training quickly, and cost-effectively, originally piloted in Aberdeen, now being extended worldwide.


Customised, company-specific training courses delivered personally by Ken Sturgeon, designed to meet your specific delegates, their experience, competences and desired learning outcomes. Delivered in your offices, training centre, or another local location.

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Online training modules covering a wide range of business, management, leadership, sales, and marketing topics. Specialist modules on business, leadership and management, digital marketing, seo, building a profitable business.

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A unique combination of Online and Classroom Training.

Some training topics and learning is OK to deliver online, some is better delivered in Classroom Training. Ken will help assess and recommend the best types of training or coaching and topics for your desired outcomes.

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Expert Business Coaching and Training, delivered online and in-person, to help you grow your career, current business, or a new business. Online modules and meetings based on your specific requirements, additional support and coaching provided by email, telephone, Skype, and in-person.

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DiSC Certified Trainer

DiSC Certified Trainer

DiSC allows you to understand your own strengths and weaknesses, identify your personality profile, identify the profile and priorities of others quickly and accurately (often within 30 seconds of meeting them), and adapt your behaviour and communication to get the best outcomes.

Ken Sturgeon is a DiSC Certified Trainer and qualified to run online and offline DiSC Personality Profiles of individuals and Teams + provide detailed feedback and learning. Ken has been using DiSC for over 20 years, and is a recognised DiSC expert.

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills – Blended Learning. Group and individual level facilitation skills.

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Leadership Skills for Supervisors – Blended Learning. Leadership skills for recently appointed Supervisors.

DiSC Profiling

DiSC personality profiling for individuals and teams, with expert feedback on your profile and adapting your behaviour.

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Classroom Training – Live classroom training, UK and worldwide, oil industry expertise, world-class reputation.

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Online Learning – Learn from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Flexible learning, fast deployment, cost-effective learning solutions.

Blended Learning – A unique combination of classroom training and online learning. The best of both worlds.

Business Coaching – Expert Business Coaching and Training, delivered online and in-person.

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